Social Communication & Self-Regulation Group

Social and self-regulation skills are essential for social, emotional and academic success. While some children come by these skills naturally, others benefit from explicit instruction. In our fun and interactive social and self-regulation groups, kids work together to enhance these skills.  Sessions include active movement, arts and crafts, games, and role play. In these groups, kids learn to explore cognitive and sensory strategies and to develop tools to manage their self-regulation and social abilities in different situations.

Parents learn how to support the strategies their children are developing in their group by observing the group sessions through a one-way mirror and with feedback and resources provided at the end of each session.

Our social and self-regulation groups are facilitated by a speech language pathologist and occupational therapists with specialized training in social communication and self-regulation respectively. Our programs are based on the Social Thinking curriculum and Zones of Regulation program. Groups are divided according to age and needs.

Please note: Payment for group is taken upfront and sessions are non-refundable. In the case of a missed session, the facilitator will provide all handouts that were missed during that session.

Please contact us for more information on registration and start times.