Growth mindset and Resilience

Professional Development Workshops

A growing body of research indicates that young people will need competencies like critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration to solve the complex problems of our increasingly interdependent and innovation-driven world. Now more than ever, schools and teachers are being called upon to explicitly emphasize and develop these competencies through changes in curriculum and pedagogical practice.


Being able to self-regulate, to persevere in the face of challenge, and to respond skillfully to failure are the keys to success and well-being -- in and out of school. Clearly, growth mindset and resilience resonate with educators. What is less clear is how to teach these skills in meaningful, relevant ways. How do teachers and administrators intentionally integrate these skills into their instruction and school culture? What are some best practices, and what does the research have to say?


In our workshop, educators will learn:  

  • A developmental framework for understanding resilience and growth mindset

  • A crash course in current research

  • Best practices for integrating these skills into instruction and assessment

  • Practical, evidence-based strategies to cultivate a “growth mindset culture” at school

  • And more!

Curriculum Design Consulting

In addition to our workshop series on resilience and growth mindset, we also consult directly with educators and teaching teams to design customized curriculum.   





Assistive Technologies

Continue to build on your wealth of knowledge and experience as a school by using all relevant assistive technologies, with consultation and support from our staff.

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Executive Functioning

Understanding executive function can help educators and parents better understand children's behaviour. Executive functions develop over time, and are not fully developed until the mid-20s.

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We deliver experiential and evidence-based mindfulness programming tailored to educators, students, and families of each school community.

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Self-regulation and Sensory processing

The workshop facilitator will equip participants with up-to-date research and evidence-based tools for managing a classroom using self-regulation and sensory processing strategies.

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