Childhood is a time of growth and discovery and there are many paths for development. At times, however, children seem to get held up at a particular milestone or stage. Sometimes children have excessive difficulty mastering a particular skill, navigating a social or academic situation, or seem to struggle at managing the demands of everyday life.



Extreme sadness or irritability

Excessive fears or worries

Self-regulation difficulties / behaviour outbursts

Sensory integration difficulties

Trouble with transitions between settings or routines

Difficulty focusing / inattention

Extreme shyness

Obsessive thoughts and rituals

Learning challenges

Social difficulties (e.g. bullying)

Suffered from a concussion



Psychological and Neuro-psychological Assessments reveal learning profiles in order to determine whether a brain-based learning issue is present. Tailored recommendations are provided to enable collaboration and cooperation with schools. Attention abilities and social and emotional concerns are also assessed.

Executive Functions are essential skills necessary for effective and independent learning and for managing all facets of daily life. While many children develop these skills naturally, others require explicit executive functioning instruction. Our executive functioning coaches teach children the foundational skills they need to thrive academically, emotionally and socially.

Psychological Treatments, drawn from research, are provided by registered psychologists to help improve mood and functioning. Expert care and attention is spent building rapport and connection in order to gain trust and engage in effective treatment. Goodness of fit between the child and therapist is key. Psychologists support children in the treatment process, in collaboration with parents when appropriate.

Occupational Therapy is often recommended for children who have self-regulation difficulties or sensory sensitivity issues. These children may benefit from validated treatment programs targeting self-regulation strategies or sensory integration therapy. Other available OT services for children include handwriting support.

Mindfulness Training is supported by a large body of evidence to lead to improved health outcomes, both physical and mental. Children can benefit from learning mindfulness strategies at a young age. Mindfulness coaches at the Red Oak provide one-on-one sessions as well as workshops to larger groups.

Educational Support is available to children at the Red Oak who require help academically. At The Red Oak, teachers create and implement customized programs tailored to the student’s unique learning profile. Expert teachers, trained with Master’s degrees or specialized additional teaching qualifications to provide research-based strategies to boost literacy, executive functioning skill development; and provide support for learning disabilities (LD). Teachers support children with or without learning disabilities or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Speech Language Therapy is available to children who present with language difficulties. Interventions are evidence-based and engage children, providing concrete strategies tailored to a child’s needs. Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) also conduct school visits and coach parents and/or teachers when appropriate.