What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology is any device, piece of equipment, or operating system used to support student learning. Assistive technology allows learners to use their strengths to bridge learning gaps and support their individual needs.


For Students

We offer a comprehensive and focused approach to building student capacity using assistive technology. Individual sessions begin with diagnostic assessments of individual strengths and needs. We use these diagnostics to create a personalized assistive technology program to build on the student’s learning profile. With each lesson, we develop increased technological fluency and independence. Students leave our program as engaged, independent learners capable of managing their daily academic responsibilities. Our students take accountability for their own learning, using the tools we develop together.


Services We Offer

  • Keyboarding Groups

Focused instruction is provided to build core keyboarding skills and develop proficiency with related apps. Students are prepared for the use of assistive technology in the classroom.

  • Group and Private Assistive Technology Training Sessions

Focusing on identifying strengths and needs, a personal assistive technology package is designed for each learner. Students are taught how to work proficiently and independently with each item of technology in their package.

  • Assessment and Assistive Technology Packages

We provide consultation and support in identifying student strengths and needs, and then create an accompanying assistive technology package for use at home and in school.


For Parents

We offer individual consultation and support relating to all school processes around assistive technology and Special Education. Our role is to help illuminate the intricacies and supports available for students in both public and private school settings, as they relate to our students’ learning needs.


Services We Offer

  • Group and private parent sessions designed to build parent fluency using key assistive technology