Social and self-regulation skills are essential for social, emotional and academic success. While some children come by these skills naturally, others benefit from explicit instruction. In our fun and interactive social and self-regulation groups, kids work together to enhance these skills.  Sessions include active movement, arts and crafts, games, and role play. In these groups, kids learn to explore cognitive and sensory strategies and to develop tools to manage their self-regulation and social abilities in different situations.

Parents learn how to support the strategies their children are developing in their group by observing the group sessions through a one-way mirror and with feedback and resources provided at the end of each session.

Our social and self-regulation groups are facilitated by a speech language pathologist and occupational therapists with specialized training in social communication and self regulation respectively. Our programs are based on the Social Thinking curriculum and Zones of Regulation program.

COST: $800/8 sessions
VENUE: The Red Oak Centre, 446 Spadina Road Suite 206 M5P 3M2

Conversation Club: A Social Communication Group

The Red Oak Centre's Conversation Group is directed at teenagers looking for a safe environment to build upon and develop their social pragmatic language skills. This group will focus on initiating and maintaining conversations, along with reading and understanding body language and hidden social rules. Teens will learn how to lead discussions and stay on topic while building relationships with their peers. Sessions will include structured hands on activities, and the use of videos and current news to facilitate conversation, as well as informal discussion lead by each participant. This group has been developed based on the Social Thinking® curriculum and is led by a registered Speech-Language Pathologist.

AGE: 14-18 year olds
DATES: Mondays Oct. 16-Dec. 4 2017
TIME: 6pm-7pm
COST: $720/8 sessions
VENUE: The Red Oak Centre, 446 Spadina Road Suite 206 M5P 3M2