Teachers at the Red Oak help children and adolescents meet educational milestones and curricular expectations, and develop the skills necessary to become independent learners. Several education services are offered.


The Red Oak supports all aspects of literacy development including, but not limited to, decoding, comprehension and writing skills. All literacy support services are grounded in evidence-based research and are creatively adapted to engage our students. All of our teachers have master’s degrees in education or extensive additional training in literacy development, and have a thorough understanding of the numerous processes essential for literacy acquisition. Feedback and home strategies are provided to parents following each lesson.



Learning Disability Coaching

Learning disability support is a one-on-one, intensive service tailored to children’s and adolescents’ unique learning profile and needs. Our teachers have an exhaustive understanding of learning disabilities and use engaging tools, assistive technologies and evidence based practices. Capitalizing on students’ strengths, teachers help children and adolescents understand their LD diagnosis, and teach functional skills to promote success and build confidence. Children and adolescents feel empowered when they learn how to support and advocate for themselves. Lessons are 60 minutes in length with the last 5-10 minutes reserved for teacher-parent consultation at the end of each lesson.