Owning Your First Year: Transitioning to College and University

Even the most high-achieving students can face unexpected challenges during their first year at university. Often these difficulties aren't due to a lack of academic skill, but rather the enormous increase in independence required of university students. The transition from high school to higher education can pose an even greater challenge for students with executive function challenges or other learning differences. In this multi-day intensive, participants will:

1. Develop greater self-awareness of their unique strengths and limitations as learners, and create an academic plan that fits their needs

2. Identify the specific supports and accommodations available at school, and how to access them

3. Practice valuable self-advocacy skills — how to email professors, schedule advising appointments, seek extra help, and more.

4. Learn some key organizational habits and study skills required for success in and out of the classroom

5. Explore issues like substance use, sex, consent, body image, relationships, roommate drama, and more... all in a fun, trusting (and most importantly, parent-free!) setting.

AGES: 17-20 years old
DATES: Please contact the clinic for start times and further information
VENUE: The Red Oak Centre, 446 Spadina Road Suite 206 M5P 3M2