We deliver experiential and evidence-based mindfulness programming tailored to educators, students, and families of each school community.



Professional Development Workshops

Our professional development workshops are tailored to suit your school’s needs and interests. Professional development can include: Lunch and Learn programs, half or full-day workshops.

Some examples of our workshops include:


Workshop 1. Mindfulness Fundamentals: Bringing Mindfulness into the Classroom

This workshop provides educators with an opportunity to learn practical tools and practices to bring mindfulness into the classroom. Educators will develop an understanding of the benefits of mindfulness in learning and well-being. Educators will participate in experiential learning, including: mindful movement, mindful emotions and mindfulness meditation.


Workshop 2. Why Mindfulness Matters: Making Sense of the Science

This informative session provides a foundational understanding of what mindfulness is and explores the latest research regarding mindfulness in education.


Workshop 3: Mindful Communication

Mindful communication supports grounded and compassionate interpersonal interactions. In this workshop we will discuss: the foundations of mindful communication; how to respond skillfully rather than reactively during challenging conversations; and why mindful communication is effective in fostering strong relationships. Participants will engage in mindful listening practices.


Workshop 4: Mindfulness Tools for Supporting Teacher Well-being

Teaching is a stressful job that is both emotionally and physically demanding.  Teachers who continually push themselves risk suffering from burnout. This session will engage teachers in discussion around the pressure points, and provide mindfulness practices to build resilience and manage stress.

This is an experiential workshop and also includes comprehensive takeaway resources to support teachers in developing their personal practice.

Consultation and Ongoing Support

We offer consultative services with the option of ongoing support to schools interested in developing comprehensive mindfulness and social-emotional programming.

In-class Mindfulness Curriculum

We offer in-class experiential mindfulness programming based upon the research-backed Mindful Schools Curriculum for K-12.  The sessions can be adapted to suit your available time frames, but typically run between 15-30 minutes/class once or twice a week.  

Parent Workshops

Parent workshops are offered as a single or a series of workshops.  A personal practice guidebook will be provided for parents to take home. Topics can include:

  • An introduction to mindfulness practice. This experiential workshop includes the opportunity to engage in mindfulness practice.

  • An understanding of the up-to-date research to support mindful parenting, and the connection between mindfulness and children’s well-being.

  • Use of mindfulness practice to reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance executive function.