Executive Functioning

Understanding executive function can help educators and parents better understand children’s behaviour. Executive functions develop over time, and are not fully developed until the mid-20s. They also develop more slowly in individuals with ADHD, ASD, and certain learning disabilities. What can look like carelessness or defiance may actually be signs that a child is struggling with executive function difficulties. Recognizing this difference is key to providing children with the supports they need to thrive in and out of school.



Workshops for Educators and Parents

Executive functioning workshops can range in length from a 2-hour interactive presentation to half-day or full-day workshops. In these workshops, staff and parent communities will learn:

  • What executive functioning is and why it matters for school success

  • Practical strategies to integrate executive function skill-building into curriculum

  • How to reduce “brain drains” that sap students’ executive functioning

  • Why executive dysfunction is different from other behavioural challenges

  • Useful tips to involve families in supporting executive function at home

  • And more!