Parents are often the first to notice when a child or adolescent has an issue; however, they do not always know where or how to seek help for their child. One of the Red Oak’s goals is to support parents through the entire process of assessment and treatment. 


In addition to the direct support provided to children, practitioners at the Red Oak work with parents to support their parenting abilities, to help parents better understand their child’s needs, and to teach parents strategies to manage their own worlds with more balance and compassion.



Parent Coaching support is provided using a collaborative problem-solving approach. Parents are guided through the process of determining the needs or lagging skills underlying their child’s behaviour. Behaviour management skills are taught as well as strategies to improve parent-child interactions. Special focus is paid to helping parents maintain balance in their own lives in order to manage their own emotional responses.

Mindfulness Training is beneficial for parents wanting to learn how to manage their own emotional experience more calmly. Based on empirical research, mindfulness training can improve health outcomes in parents, and teach parents to model mindful behaviour for their children. One-one-one coaching or workshops for larger groups are available.

Workshops and groups We offer workshops and groups for parents on a range of topics. Sign up for our newsletter to learn about upcoming events.