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3:30 PM15:30

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Workshop


Full-Day, Pediatric Occupational Therapy Workshop
For OT, OT/PTA Professionals and OT, OTA/PTA Students

Gain clinical experience providing therapy for children with sensory processing, self-regulation and/or social emotional difficulties. Multiple treatment approaches and strategies will be explored including: sensory integration, Zones of Regulation, Social Thinking and the Alert Program. Attendees will be provided with a certificate of workshop completion.

Workshop objectives:
• To gain an understanding of sensory integration theory and how it relates to occupational performance
• To gain an understanding of cognitive strategies used by OTs for self-regulation and emotional control
• To learn how to administer and interpret clinical observations of neuromuscular integration
• To develop hands-on experience using a variety of tools, including suspended equipment, therapy balls, fine motor tools, scooter boards, self-regulation programs for treatment, etc.

Workshop includes:
• Observation of, and discussion following, one-on-one OT treatment with clients
• Case study work, and interactive exercises.
• The latest research and evidence will be discussed. Intervention strategies will be reviewed and provided for therapy, school and home environments.

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