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Feeling Safe Enough to Change: How to Raise a Resilient Teen

  • The Red Oak 446 Spadina Avenue Toronto, ON, M5T 2G8 Canada (map)

Mondays 7:30 - 9:30 pm

Growth mindset, grit, and resilience are some of the most popular -- and puzzling -- concepts in education and developmental science today. Yet too often popular conceptions of these traits overemphasize outcome over process. While there are countless resources and programs telling us the benefits of having a growth mindset or being gritty, what's less clear is exactly how to develop these traits in meaningful, sustainable ways.

Drawing on her research studies on growth mindset and resilience at Harvard University, Andrea Poile, will break down the common misconceptions surrounding growth mindset, grit, and resilience. Participants will leave with practical strategies to develop resilience in their adolescent children, as well as themselves.

Key topics covered in this workshop will include:
• A crash course in the developmental science of resilience -- and why traits like growth mindset and grit are more complex than they may seem
• Understanding executive functioning's important role in the "emotional ecology" of resilience
• Why psychological safety and supportive relationships are the "active ingredients" for resilience and growth mindsets
• Practical strategies parents and educators can implement right away to cultivate resilience in youth

Workshop Structure:
Session 1 - The New Science of Resilience: Why Growth Mindset and Grit Aren't Enough
Session 2 - Resilience Through Relationship: Social Support and Feeling Safe Enough to Change
Session 3 - It's Not Just You: Resilient Parenting in an Age of Anxiety
Session 4 - Building a Resilient School Culture (featuring a guest appearance by Samatha Sugar, B.A., BPS)

Later Event: October 6