Dr. Andrea Turner-Sack

PhD, C.Psych

Clinical Psychologist



Dr. Andrea Turner-Sack is a registered clinical psychologist who specializes in
providing psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and adults experiencing
anxiety, depression, stress, adjustment challenges, low self-esteem, and issues
with self-image. She provides a compassionate, collaborative environment within which each individual can feel heard, respected, and empowered. Her
psychotherapy is grounded in evidence-based practices. She uses cognitive-
behavioural interventions, integrating strength-based, motivational, narrative, and
experiential modalities when appropriate to fit each individual’s needs. As part of
her work to assist children and adolescents, she provides consultation to parents
to help them support their children’s socio-emotional well-being.

Dr. Turner-Sack has extensive experience conducting psychological and
psychoeducational assessments to better understand attention, learning, and
socio-emotional challenges. She also has experience writing Individual
Education Plans (IEPs), as well as consulting with teachers and parents in a
school setting.

Dr. Turner-Sack conducted research at the Hospital for Sick Children and
London Health Sciences Centre. She co-authored several peer-reviewed
publications and several book chapters on post-traumatic growth in adolescents
and their family members, and on psychological assessment. In addition, she
served on the Board of Directors of Eva’s Place (a shelter for homeless youth in

Dr. Turner-Sack received her Ph.D. from the University of Windsor, completing
her pre-doctoral internship at London Health Sciences Centre. She also trained
at various other hospitals and facilities in Ontario, including the Centre for
Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Windsor Regional Children’s Centre,
Children’s Rehabilitation Centre, and the Scarborough Hospital.