Allie Gallinger




Allie is a registered Speech-Language Pathologist. She works with children and teens with both speech and language difficulties. Allie has a special interest in working with preschool and school age children with articulation, motor speech, fluency, language and social communication difficulties. Allie conducts comprehensive assessments that guide her treatment plans with goals that are tailored to each client’s specific needs. Allie believes in the importance of including families in services while ensuring that each therapy session is fun, energetic and motivating!

Allie received her Bachelor of Arts honours psychology degree and her Masters of Clinical Science in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Western Ontario. Allie is certified in Hanen “It Takes Two to Talk”, a program geared towards parents whose children are late talkers and “More Than Words”, a program for parents whose children have social communication difficulties and/or are on the Autism Spectrum. She is also certified in with the Lidcombe program, a program tailored to young children who stutter. Allie has also completed additional training in Laura Mize’s “Teach Me to Talk: Steps to Building Verbal Imitation Skills in Toddlers”, Tamara Kasper’s “Progressive and Systematic Speech And Language Training for Children on the Autism Spectrum”, and the “Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol” to help children with motor speech disorders and apraxia of speech.